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Bet You Won't Recognize What These 13 Plants Are

When it comes to most of our favorite foods, we usually encounter them only after they’ve been processed to a state that we’re familiar with. In most cases, we first meet the delicious fruits and vegetables that we’ll later eat when we pick them up at our local supermarket. We know what they look like …

Hitching a ride with a predator

A new study is the first to comprehensively examine existing literature to identify broader patterns and suggest ways in which the phenomenon is important for plant populations and seed evolution. Predator-assisted seed dispersal is important to colonize and recolonize plant life in the wild, say researchers. Read Full Thread

Antibiotic resistance: A burgeoning problem for kids too

In a new, first-of-its-kind study, researchers have found a 700-percent surge in infections caused by bacteria from the Enterobacteriaceae family resistant to multiple kinds of antibiotics among children in the US. These antibiotic resistant infections are in turn linked to longer hospital stays and potentially greater risk of death. Read Full Thread